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14 April 2020

A message to all our Pingley Court families and friends

A message from Dawn Martin, Pingley Court Manager

Thankyou to everyone that is reading all our messages on our Pingley Court Facebook page and supporting our home. 

At this time of great difficulty, as Manager, I wanted to say on behalf of everyone here at Pingley Court a big thank you for all your good wishes and the treats you have supplied us with.

We wish things were different.
We wish things were normal again.
Most of all, we wish we could welcome you in again.

We welcome your calls to your loved ones, or just to say ‘Hello how are you all doing?’ and we look forward to being able to say ‘Hi’ and ‘Come on in again’ really soon.
Until then…

If you are a key worker yourself, carry on the great work and we will applaud you as you applaud us every Thursday.

Again, thank you for your continued support!

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